What is Saving Money Media?

Saving Money Media is a family of websites devoted to helping you live better on less. From budgeting to affordable cooking to travel tips (and a booking engine), we're here to help you save more - and live more!

Learn About The Sites in the Saving Money Media Network:

Saving Money Plan is the original site in the Saving Money Media family. Started in 2008, Saving Money Plan is a popular destination for families wanting to save more on their daily lives. With many posts each day giving you the best deals and coupons to help you save more, Saving Money Plan is a great starting point for anyone looking to save more. Saving Money Plan also features the free Extreme Couponing Class.


Saving Naturally is a site dedicated to helping you live a more natural and organic life — on life. Many different posts each day highlight specific deals and coupons as well as give you strategies and ideas for living a more natural existence.



Saving Cooking is a website dedicated to helping you cook better — without breaking the bank. Join us to learn great, healthy recipes your family will love and that your wallet will thank you for. From entirely homemade to homemade “with help” — we’ve got your meals covered.


Saving Travels aims to not only help you save more on your big (and small) adventures, but also serve as a booking engine for your travel needs. Read this blog for travel tips and strategies as well as for specific suggestions on where to go and when. Finally, make sure to utilize the budget booking engine.